Prevention Kit


  • Port: KHH, TW
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Unit/Units per Week
  • Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,PayPal


Product Detail

Quick Details

  • Brand Name: WJ
  • Model Number: WJ-N14
  • Place of Origin: Taiwan

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Every 30pcs pack in a carton.
Delivery Detail: 7 days after received payment


9-IN-1 Anit Cheat Device/Prevention Kit/arcade game machine
1.Well and High Quality Control
2.Prompt Delivery

9-IN-1 Anit Cheat Device/Prevention Kit/arcade game machine



  1. Six-second delay when machine is switched on to prevent repeated switching on/off and to protect IC board.
  2. Includes three sockets; TV socket has no delay function but other two sockets do and will automatically shut down in case of electrical interference.
  3. AC/OUT with two ends conveniently provides connection when no plugs are available.  It also has delay and auto-electricity-shutdown functions.
  4. In case of interference, AC power supply is cut off and alarm sounds preventing electricity from going through machine and damaging IC board.
  5. If anti-radio-communications-interference is high, counterclockwise adjustment of VR reduces receiving capability, and clockwise adjustment of VR improves receiving condition (but is susceptible to interference).



  1. Connect AC power to two ends of AC110V, ORAC220V.
  2. Connect 2-pole power switch to SW 2 & 3 ends.
  3. Connect illuminated power switch (3-pole) to ends 2, 3 & 1.
  4. First socket is for TV base without delay and anti-tamper functions.
  5. Second & third sockets have 6-second delay function and auto-electricity-shutdown function in case of interference.  AC/OUT with two ends also have these functions.
  6. ANT end can resist radio-communications interference, and should be attached to insulating cable. (When sensitivity is too high, adjust VR counterclockwise.)
  7. HV end is high-voltage resistant.  Attach it to coin chute plate, IC board cable or any metal object. If the outside metal case got an electric shock, please use the insulating tape. It won’t affect its function.
  8. VR1 is push up sensitivity, Turn the clockwise is more sensitive. VR2 is push down sensitivity, Turn the clockwise is more sensitive.
  9. Select auto model can shut down power and alarm when have interference. After couple of seconds, the power will auto turn on. The model is good for a place that no people watch it.
  10. CON 1/NO end can resist magnetism interference, CON 2/NC end can resist steal. Use it please take off JP3. In normal condition, don’t take off JP3.