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Perfect Bill Acceptor Technology

The Bill Acceptor of TP series is using the industrial precision snesor to detect the slight changes and characteristics on the notes which is very safe transaction device. It is equipped with the function of collecting and detecting notes. Besides distinguishing the discrepancy of value notes, the forged notes can be removed as well to prevent the improper business by human. The rate of acceptance for real banknotes is more than 96%, to make the notes collect smoothly.


Forged notes detect
Output NO/NC Support
Anti-fishing Design
Multinational Currencies Acceptable

External DIP SW Function

Can adjust the width of Pulse
Setting the multiple of Pulse
Setting the Bill acceptance and rejection

RS-232 quick online upgrade

Via RS-232 to connect with computer, using the software of BA upload to online upgrade the latest revision.

ccTalk online upgrade system support

Using the standard of ccTalk communication protocol format.

TFP002 download package upgrade support

After saving the upgraded system of TEPOO2, the Bill acceptor can just connect with TFPOO2 to download. 

Models and Specifications

Models TP70   TP70P5   TP77   TP77P5
Cash Box - -
Cash Box Capacity -  < 500 pcs -  < 500 pcs
Weight   650-750g   1500-1650g   650-750g   1500-1650g  
Acceptor Width   62-70mm   62-70mm   62-77mm   62-77mm  
Bill Insertion   4-Way   4-Way   4-Way   4-Way  
Acceptance Speed   <2 seconds   <2 seconds   <2 seconds   <3 seconds  
Pulse   ●   ●   ●   ●  
RS-232   ●   ●   ●   ●  
ccTalk   Option   Option   Option   Option  
Power (DC)   12 V±5%   12 V±5%   12 V±5%   12 V±5%  
Standby Mode   210-350mA   210-350mA   210-350mA   210-350mA  
Max. Operating   2.2A 3A 2.2A 3A
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